A Collection Option That Pays

Karen Nelson, Senior Vice President—Treasury Management

Karen Nelson, Senior Vice President—Treasury ManagementOur still relatively new Customer Payment Portal (CPP) service is proving very useful to a wide range of clients. From non-profits involved in fundraising activities for local causes and religious organizations to daycare centers, unions and medical practices, all have experienced improved collection efficiencies and cash flow.

The reason is simple. The service reduces the act of making a donation or payment to a single button for donors or customers. That single-button option automatically launches an online payment form. The actual processing of payment information is handled externally by a third-party payment processor. This removes the burden of collection from office staff, freeing them up for other activities.

CPP accommodates direct debit payments from checking and savings accounts, all major credit cards and payments made through PayPal. While convenient for our banking clients’ donors and customers, it also helps reduce the occurrence of returned checks or skipped payments. Recurring or installment payments can also be set up, a feature that has been particularly useful for bank clients like orthodontists whose patients may take years to pay for their services.

In addition to the convenience of enabling donors or customers to pay online—regardless of office hours—the service also gives users access to their payment or donation history for tax purposes directly through CPP.

As a software-based add-on to your website, the CPP button is customizable to whatever call-to-action you require. The process also assumes responsibility for PCI compliance, making it even easier to implement credit card payments for smaller organizations with volunteer staffs.

Basic Requirements

To implement CPP, your organization, practice or company needs to meet the basic requirements for credit card processing. These involve having a refund policy, a privacy policy and SSL certification for your website. If meeting these credit card processing requirements is not feasible, there is an option for just accepting direct debits from checking and savings accounts through CPP.

To discuss how to speed up the collection of your receivables and offer a secure, 24/7 payment option while improving reporting and operating efficiencies, contact us. We’d be happy to show you how this feature can make a difference for your office.