Diversity and Inclusion Comes From Within

Damaris Abella, Vice President—Support Centers 

The sense of belonging is one of the perks of coming to work at Old Second Bank each day. It’s like being part of a family, a very large family. Like most families, ours spans generations—from our call center representatives with decades of banking experience to our newly hired tellers.

The feeling also extends beyond the people who work here. Many of our customers are members of families who have banked with us through several generations. Then, there are customers we just know so well; they seem like family.

What is particularly gratifying, especially for me, is that our Old Second family is as culturally diverse as the communities and businesses we serve. It’s a reflection of the people we see, where we go and how we live our daily lives.

At Our Core

What I believe helps us achieve and sustain this highly inclusive and personal environment, for both our customers and ourselves, is that our staff members have gone “all in,” so to speak, in adopting the core values at the heart of Old Second. Normally, core values are an inward facing thing. However, they’re reflected in the encounters we have with our customers.

We Are Here to Serve

As a member of Old Second’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and a longtime member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee for Oswego School District 308, I thrive on being responsible to and for people. As the head of Old Second’s call center, I have a unique view of how well we as a banking family reflect our values and how our customers react and benefit from them.

From working with staff members across the management structure and different divisions of Old Second, I’ve noticed a common driver: Each of us wants to make a difference, for you, for the bank and for our families.

Making that difference takes teamwork. Like a family, we need to be there for one another. That means when a customer raises a concern, we work together as quickly and efficiently as possible to address the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

Empowered Ownership

When you work in a call center, the reality is that your job is to get every caller a quick resolution. Whether it is an issue with an ATM, a lost wallet, or opening a new account, we are in a position that empowers us to take ownership of finding the quickest way to a resolution. Regardless of where an issue originates—with us, with you, with some source beyond our respective control—you can trust us to do what needs to be done to get things right—and also to be professional about it. Then, we look for ways the next caller’s experience can be improved. We do this for a living, after all, and we want to be the best we can be at it.

Customized to You

When you treat everyone the way you would like to be treated, it creates a pleasant environment. It also becomes quite personal. Maintaining this level of personalization cuts to the core of what Old Second is all about. For instance, in the call center, it’s the reason we keep our upfront phone menu to a few clicks. We want to get you to a person as quickly as possible. While we support self-service, we’re all about customization and personal attention. We want you to receive the advice and products that are right for you and your particular situation.

Whether you are looking for a more meaningful banking experience or a career opportunity where your work will have meaning—or you just want to talk to a banker who will take the time to listen—give us a call at 1-877-866-0202. We can’t wait to talk to you!

To learn more about our efforts regarding diversity and inclusion, visit us here.

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