Investing Solutions Built for the Individual

Brad Johnson, CFA, CFP®, Vice President, Investment Officer

Brad_JohnsonMany assume the first step to investing means going the do-it-yourself route and selecting among the thousands of mutual fund companies, online brokers and robo-advisors to create your own strategy. But, there is another option to the off-the-shelf solution.

Banks have not only been in the wealth management business from the start, they are well-suited for meeting the needs of each investor, not just the average investor.

What We Have Against Cookie-Cutters
Part of the appeal of a bank solution is that it provides services, not just products. This is important because as you move through your life, we can adjust our services and strategies to remain appropriate to your current needs. From simple savings and basic brokerage services to investment management and trust and estate needs, banks can accommodate your financial life as it changes.

Low Cost Versus High Touch
While self-service tends to be the cheapest route in money management, it’s hard to do by yourself. Change ripples through the global markets, and reactions can be swift. Having a dedicated team watching over your investments helps ensure you’re well-positioned for whatever occurs and able to take advantage when opportunities arise.

OSB-0043_Johnson-Blog-Sidebar_FNLSetting and Forgetting Versus Responsive
Robo-advisors and passive strategies have their uses, but algorithms can’t factor in personal preferences or your changing circumstances over time. Instead, they can generate what is expected to work for the average investor. That may not be the same as what’s right for you.

The Fact Is Investing Isn’t a Math Problem
When it comes to investing, the choice of providers can come down to a one click solution, as with the robo-advisor options, versus a one-stop solution.

Banks like ours offer a one-stop solution with answers that adapt to your situation and the constantly shifting market and economic conditions that affect you.

To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call.

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