The Future of Banking Is Now

Keith Gottschalk, Chief Operating Officer

Keith Gottschalk, Chief Operating OfficerIt’s no secret: The pace of change in banking is speeding up. But where technology initially drove the changes leading to a better in-branch experience and more productive online activities, the application of that technology into easily downloadable apps for use on our phones and tablets has us crossing into a new frontier of convenience.

Faster, simpler, better, mobile.
As much as we look forward to seeing you in our branches during business hours, we know that isn’t necessarily where you’ll be when the need to bank occurs. This is why we continue to expand the ways you can conduct your banking activities—whenever, wherever and however you prefer.

For instance, unless you’ve been in the market for a loan recently, you may not know that O2 now accepts applications online for both mortgages and installment loans. Similarly, you can open new checking accounts without ever visiting a branch. We even offer you a person-to-person payment option that reduces the need to carry cash or your checkbook.

As we develop faster, simpler, better ways of serving you, we expect to add or enhance capabilities that will eventually include:

  • Kiosk banking, offering remote access to a teller located elsewhere (think Skype for banking)
  • The ability to use your cell phone as a debit card
  • A real-time transaction alert system to improve budgeting and security
  • Added functionality for ATMs for quicker crediting of deposits
  • The further streamlining of the lending process for even faster decisions

Ultimately, our goal is providing you with intuitive banking services, along with functions you can download through your preferred app store. The difference we intend to bring is providing these services and functions in one convenient, interconnected place—your community’s branch, both the physical version you visit and the mobile version you hold in your hand.

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