How to properly care for an American Flag

As we near the occasion of The Healing Field, sponsored by Old Second on Nov. 3-13, 2013, here is a reminder on the proper care for a flag.

The United States flag should always be treated with great care and respect. In order to properly preserve, display, and discard a United States Flag, it is imperative to know proper Flag Code.

Times and Occasions for DisplaySunrisetosunset400

The United States flag should be displayed on buildings or on a stationary flagstaff in the open. It is customary to display the flag from sunrise to sunset and to raise the flag with energy and lower it ceremoniously. If it is a patriotic time, the flag may be flown for 24 hour with proper illumination during the dark hours.

It’s important to note that if the weather seems unfavorable, one should only display an all-weathered flag. Holidays, president’s birthdays, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are especially important days to fly the flag. On Memorial Day, it should be at half-staff until noon.

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